Advanced Ski Camps in Queenstown Running This Season!

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advanced ski camps in queenstown

Advanced ski camps in Queenstown running this season with SITCo. We have collaborated with the good folks at NZSKI and will be running camps for advanced skiers on a weekly basis.

This is a new course for SITCo that allows us to interact with a wider range of skiers. These camps differ from our traditional offerings in that they are only 3 or 5 days in duration and are open to skiers who don’t necessarily want to become qualified instructors.

Whilst the goal of these camps is to improve your level of skiing, due to the high level of the trainers involved you will not only learn “what” to do to become a better skier, but “why” you do it. This means that the takeaways from this are far greater than that of a normal ski lesson. You will also get the opportunity (weather and snow conditions permitting) to be videoed and have your video reviewed by your trainer.


Here’s what Karl had to say after his camp:

“I had reached a point in my skiing where I realised that there was a lot I was getting wrong.

Fortunately, the opportunity to do a five day camp with SITCo arose at my local mountain, Coronet Peak, which I jumped at! The course involved seven others and myself, and we started from scratch, learning and relearning basic skills. These skills were continually reinforced and built upon in a well structured way over the five days.

This approach was hugely beneficial not only teaching me how but also teaching the why behind these skills. I found our coaches to be hugely perceptive in the analysis of problems I was having with my skiing, but also being able to provide very tailored solutions which gave me a massive confidence to improve. I enjoyed the course immensely with coaches being really approachable and, of course, the improvements in my skiing were ultimately the best part.

Can’t wait to do another clinic with these guys!”

Throughout the camp you will receive a combination of group and individual instruction that will be tailored to your specific ski goals.

This course will suit a wide variety of individuals, from the hardcore local who skis every day, through to those on holiday wanting to really maximize their on-snow time. These camps are also suitable for those training for instructor exams from level 1 through to level 3.

Trainers will be NZSIA qualified examiners who usually spend their time training ski instructors, so this is a unique opportunity for those from outside of the industry to get trained by some of New Zealand’s top ski trainers.

So how do you know if this course is for you? Well, if you are a confident parallel skier, able to make a variety of different sized parallel turns both on and off piste and have a desire to take your skiing up a level or two then this course is perfect for you.


Details can be found here or drop us a line at or call on 021 241 214.


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