Are You Ready For Your Level 2 Ski Instructor Qualification?

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The NZ Winter season is in full swing, the busy school holidays are over and now everyone is getting to enjoy some time to ski and ride the mountains for themselves.

In just a couple of weeks, the “exam season” begins!

The season where you get to step up and go for your next level of ski instructor qualification. The qualification that allows you to advance your snowsports career.

This is the time to get motivated and get to that next level.

If you can do it now, this season, then you will have the qualification in the bag and you will be ready for next season, and/or when the international borders open and an overseas season is on the cards again.

The required performance at Level 2 can be a challenge, there are lots of elements of your performance that will need to improve from your Level 1.

If you or anyone you know is wanting to step up, then get in touch, as SITCo has a few weeks of preparation courses that will get you ready to take on the next level.

16th-20th Aug & 23rd-27th Aug are two great weeks to come along and get yourself prepared.

Both these weeks are going to be aiming at getting you ready to ski at Level 2 Ski Instructor Standards.

Check here for the NZSIA dates for the Level 2 Instructor Exams.

If you have your Level 1 qualification and you are ready to step up then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Get in touch now, or book your place.

ripping it up on a performance ski camp

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