How do I know if I’m a good enough skier to attend a performance camp?

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Performance Ski Camps

Deciding what level of skier you are can be pretty subjective, especially when it’s based on technical requirements. Not everyone has the benefit of the appropriate knowledge to say whether or not the technique being used matches the description given.

Basing your ability on the terrain you ski is a better, more realistic approach.

To attend one of our SITCo performance camps we expect that you can comfortably ski both red and black runs on and off piste.

“Comfortably” can be defined in this case as: not being afraid to ski the terrain and being able to link parallel turns in a manner that provides speed control to ensure safety.

If your skis aren’t perfectly parallel all the time as the terrain gets more challenging then that’s fine too as this is a technical issue that your trainer will work on with you.

You bring the attitude and desire, and we will bring the technical know-how to help you improve.

If you are unsure of where you are at drop us a line


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