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SITCo was founded on the basis of offering skiers and snowboarders the opportunity to train to become qualified instructors. Many of our course participants have gone on to become instructors but many have also viewed the course as an opportunity to become an exceptionally good skier or snowboarder.

Over the years we have tried to run improvement type courses, but these were always in the longer – five weeks – format and it was often a struggle to get enough people together to commit to such a course.

The onset of covid and the closing of international borders has allowed us to revisit the idea of performance courses, and with the change in demographic due to there being no overseas tourists (at the time of writing the travel bubble with Australia is just about to open) we have reinvented the performance course as a short course that can be undertaken while on a ski holiday.

This represents a major change in the way we operate as we are now offering a course that is a training only product rather than our standard all-inclusive courses.

By being a training only product those participating in the course have a lot more freedom of choice and it means we can appeal to a wider audience.

For example, you could be on a family holiday and while the kids are in ski school, there is now the option to do some high-end ski training at a level that is not offered by the local snowsports school.

While this may be a major change in the way we operate, it still fits in with the core reason that we set SITCo up way back in 2002 and that was so we could ski with passionate skiers on a daily basis.

As owners of SITCo, Colin and myself have always wanted to be on snow with our course participants. Our passion is skiing and helping others to become great skiers. The new performance courses provide us with a new opportunity to ski with locals and those in Queenstown on holiday, which our standard courses did not provide.

Last season we ran a one-off prototype course which had great reviews so this season we are running courses on a weekly basis (outside of the busy school holiday period). These 3 and 5 day courses are suitable for qualified instructors and strong recreational skiers who want to take their skiing to the next level. So if you want to do some NZSIA exams or just want to up your skiing game this is the program for you.

Some feedback from last season:

“I participated in the SITCo course last winter, it was an amazing time with a great group of people and some incredible instructors. 

My skiing improved drastically, and I really learnt what it was like to carve properly along with many other beneficial tips and tricks.

10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their skiing.”

“My Name is Carolina, I joined the level 1 instructor course at SITCo with Colin and Gavin.

It was an absolutely incredible course, both are so professional and good at what they do, they know exactly how to get you in the process of learning, from the very very start to the unfinished end and will make you understand and give sense to everything about skiing.

I’m super glad I took this course and so excited to start the level 2 this coming season.”

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