What Skis Should I Get?

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What Skis Should I Get?

What Skis do I need for my Ski Instructor Course?

The skis you choose will depend on the individual, but here is a quick and simple guide.

You are looking for a piste performance ski.

So we know a bit more about skis here are a few ski dimensions that we can talk about.

Length (measured in cms) – how long the ski is, this will depend on your height, your weight, and the style of the skis, e.g. if you were getting a GS style ski (GS – Giant Slalom designed for bigger turns) it will be a little longer, if you were getting a SL style ski (SL – Slalom designed for smaller turns) it will be a little shorter.

Radius (measured in meters) – modern skis have a sidecut, or a curve, built into them. If you imagine taking that curve into a full circle it would allow you to measure the radius of the circle. The smaller the radius the tighter turn and “carve” you’ll get from the ski, the bigger the radius the larger the arc and the more stable at speed when going straighter.
You should be looking for a radius of 14m-18m.

Side cut (measured in mms) – each ski will have three dimensions of width for the tip, the waist (underfoot) and the tail. e.g. 121-69-102, this means the skis are 121mm at the tip, 69mm underfoot, and 102mm at the tail.

Underfoot size (measured in mms) – the narrower a ski underfoot the easier and quicker it is edge to edge. the wider it is underfoot the more flotation you get when skiing all mountain or in powder.
We recommend that you get a ski in the 67- 84 mm range underfoot.

Add in a basic overview of what the skis are designed to do.

Style of skis (on-piste, all-mountain, powder, park) – different skis are designed for different purposes. We recommend you get an on-piste performance ski, sometimes referred to as a frontside ski.

Mens/Womens skis – some ski manufacturers make gender-specific skis, quite often the design might be created for heavier males and lighter females and take body size and shape into account. As you will be skiing to a professional level, you can go either way here, just remember you are not a “holidaymaker” – so the sales and design concepts that “make it easy” might not be relevant to you.

Skis On Snow

As an example of a good pair of piste performance skis, I ski on Blizzard FIREBIRD HRC

If you have any questions about skis then please feel free to contact us before you buy, or you can wait and try a few pairs when you arrive in Queenstown.
We work closely with Browns Ski Shop – who have an excellent range and service for skis.



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