What Snowboard Should I Get?

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What Snowboard Should I Get?

What Snowboard do I need for my Snowboard Instructor Course?

Snowboard choice will depend on the individual, but here is a quick and simple guide.

Your weight and height will help determine the length of the board, and maybe the style of the board.

In terms of length of the board, we recommend somewhere in the range of, between 2-3 cm under the chin, up to the bottom of your nose.

If the rider is a bit heavier then go closer to the nose, if the rider is lighter aim to be closer to 2-3 cm under the chin.

If you love freestyle go closer to chin height (lower swing weight when spinning).

If you want to only carve and go fast go nose height.

Go in the middle if you want to do both!

For your Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications you will need to do a bit of both.

Don’t get a stiff board as this might be hard to twist, but don’t go too soft as you’ll feel every bump when going fast.
Don’t get a powder board!
Don’t get a board that is only suited to carving, an all-round board is probably best.

For Level 1 and Level 2 Snowboard Instructor training, we recommend a cambered board, ideally a twin-tip board that has a similar (or same) length nose and tail.

Men/Women’s boards – some snowboard manufacturers make gender-specific boards, quite often the design might be created for heavier males and lighter females and take body size and shape into account. As you will be riding to a professional level, it might make sense to stick to the gender design, just remember you are not a “holidaymaker” – so the sales and design concepts that “make it easy” might not be relevant to you.

If you have any questions about boards and bindings then please feel free to contact us before you buy, or you can wait and try a few boards when you arrive in Queenstown.
We work closely with NZShred – who have an excellent range and service for snowboards.



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